28 September 2012

Can your kid do this?

No, neither can mine. The amazing part is that the kid is so happy and enjoying himself, so it would seem he is not being forced into this. I understand pianos and piano teachers are very much sought after in China. One of the reasons why parents try and get their children playing an instrument is because learning an instrument teaches the child concentration, and it is proven to be one of the best ways to improve your child's math grades. Unfortunately, and I know this from experience, the child has to want to do it. It seems Lang Lang will have company from more of his countrymen, soon.

I don't know how much company they'll have from mine.  A piano teacher I know was chastised by parents after she told her students they need to practice an hour a day. They asked her to knock the time down to ten minutes, maybe, a week.  Oh well.  At least our kids are great at video games, typing with their thumbs and being internet trolls.


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

No, but then neither can I. The little show--off. What?

Vox Cantoris said...

Can you imagine for a moment what would happen if through some miracle of God's grace the people of China embraced Catholicism?