12 September 2012

The nerd revolution continues

As time goes on, I think we will see more of this sort of thing:  A fifteen year old wins the local science fair by coming up with a new test for cancer that is much faster, more accurate and cheaper than the current standard tests, and he did most of his research on Google. h/t Mark Shea.  This kid in his bedroom with a laptop figured out something PhD's in huge labs and large research budgets never did.

I am serious that I believe more things like this are coming.  As James Burke pointed out, often the solution to a problem in one field has already been found in another.  The Internet allows the connections to be sought faster and more easily than ever before, and the kids today are the ones most likely to be able to find them.  My generation may have invented the net, but we are visitors to it.  These kids are its true natives, it is their home and its language their mother tongue.  This is not an unmixed blessing, to be certain, but they will use it and do things our gneration never dreamed possible, and sometimes the results are wonderful.

The Internet: It's more than just porn.

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