30 October 2012

3.5. Timeouts Tuesday

"Biological Solution"


It's a phrase I hear from time to time, (used to hear it a lot when I regularly visited Father Z's) and I never cared for it.  It is used by the Godbloggers in reference to the previous generation, the mess they made and the mess they continue to make.  I agree that they made a mess.  I don't agree with this sentiment.

Coming out at a time of revolution and change, they sought to sweep up the Church in this revolution as well, and change as much as they could, if not everything.  Vatican Two gave them an opportunity- all the more so because the documents were not readily available, and people who claimed to be experts could safely tell their listeners pretty much anything and not worry about being called on their loose interpretation of the facts.  To the new and younger  neo con neo caths, this havoc they wreaked is nothing short of a disaster.


Many of the changes, or the reforms of the reforms that the new generation wishes to make are blocked or at least opposed by the old generation, which is where the phrase "biological solution" creeps in. It is a recognition that, if nothing else, the old generation is dying out and we will soon no longer have to work against their opposition.  We could use other phrases to mean the same thing. "Shut up, you're old and will soon be dead," is another, more naked, possibility.  "These people can't die fast enough" is another way of saying the same thing.  The sentiment is contrary to Catholic faith and teachings.


I have wandered away from the old liturgy wars.  I believe a better, more authentic liturgy will be good for the souls of the faithful. I also believe that going down the rabbit hole of some of those fights was not good for my own soul.  The liturgy wars continue, but I wonder what either side thinks they will win.  It is very rare that a matter gets settled for once and for all, even in the Church.  Especially in the Church.  The issues we fought over had been around for a long time, and will continue.  Each generation chooses its own fights, often in opposition to the previous generation.  The V2 generation did that to their predecessors, and did their level best to show their forebears no respect.  They are now reaping what they have sown- by their example they taught this generation to show no respect to its elders, so this generation now treats them with none.  But, if this generation thinks their children will not learn this lesson in their turn, they are deluding themselves.  The next opposition we face once the members of the older generation are gone will be the members of the younger ones, and if we continue on this path, we will have provided them with a horrible example to follow.


Golden rule time.  I don't want people complaining that I've been around too long, and I should hurry up and die.  I won't teach them how by saying that about others.   

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