27 November 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesdays

100th Grey Cup edition, or why Canadian football is better than American football.


Our big game.  We've had a hundred of them.  Americans are on... what? Thirty?  Forty?


Our field is bigger and wider.  Bigger is better.


Only three downs.  The lack of a fourth down combined with the wider and longer field favours a passing game, as oposed to handoff/handoff/ special team for third down and one etc.  (seriously- Americans pay some guy millions of bucks to run anairbag three feet.), which makes for a more exciting game.


We've been around longer.  The Toronto Argonauts wre founded in 1873, the oldest football team in the world.  So that means

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LarryD said...

But do you have instant replay?

(my 3.5 is up...finally)