25 December 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday

Late Christmas Edition.

LarryD asked anyone who did today's to post on the same subjects as he.  So, without ado:


Favourite Christmas Carol.

There's two here- one for listening, one for singing.  For singing, I like to rip out Adeste Fideles.  It's one of the few hymns where I can really cut loose and let my voice boom the way it's supposed to.  If I'm listening, Then I'd say it's either the same as LarryD's, or this one:

Sadly, I'll never be able to sing that one, no matter how many times I get kicked in the groin.


Favourite Holiday Special: Easy.  Charlie Brown Christmas.  I post Linus' speech every year.  For all the supremely bad animation, I would take that over pretty much every other single one, and most of them put together.


 Favourite Christmas movie:  Either Scrooge with Alastair Sim, or It's a Wonderful Life.  Yeah, I'm hokey.  Sue me. Oh, and neither of them should be colourized.


Favourite Christmas Tradition:  I'm glad you asked, because mine is kind of unusual.  You see, we all get together and

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LarryD said...

Merry Christmas, Bear - to you and Puff and the chitlins.