20 January 2013

You can have a Model T in any colour, as long as it's black.

Not that there's anything wrong with us being free to choose only one thing.  No sirree Bob.  Take a look.

In the news recently, the Newman centre on the University of Toronto main campus started a Courage group as a way of supporting Gay men who wished to live according to the Catholic faith (i.e. celibate). This was condemned in the news as being an attempt to force Catholicism down people's throats and trying to turn gay men straight.  In other news, about a week later, a "sexual education centre" at the same campus announced they had just reached a deal with a swingers club that would allow them to offer U of T students a discount.  This was applauded in the newspapers as a brave step forward into the new... whatever it is we're stepping in.  The university is applauding itself for being tolerant of everything... except for chastity.

Speaking of "anything but chastity" but in otherwise absolutely unrelated news, a newspaper in Britain published an article by an Australian psychologist on the effects of our hypersexualized culture on young girls.  The short of it:  It is destroying them inside and out by forcing them to accept sexual roles they are emotionally unprepared for, and by also making them think that extreme sexual behaviour is healthy and normal.  This article is a lonely voice perhaps signalling that we are moving from the "What could it hurt?" phase of our society and into the "How was I supposed to know phase?" One curious note in the article comes when the psychologist admits that he is not talking about boys at this time because he addressed that years ago.  the implication is that boys are now a write-off.

Speaking of boys and the "how was I supposed to know" phase: studies indicate that the changes forced by feminists on the education system for the last forty years or so has lead to decreased education scores among boys.  The feminists sought to make the education system more fair by removing areas in which boys tended to excel- rote learning, science, and competition- and replaced it with fields where the girls excelled- all in the name of fairness, of course.  Now the boys are lagging behind, which apparently shows that women were better all the time, at least when given a leg up over the boys.  Well done.   

ht Vox Cantoris, Redneck.

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Patience said...

Agreed on all counts. And while we're at it; how bout the whole "encouraging kids to embrace the gender they "think" they are". I have a friend who allows her son to wear girls clothing. I've read about others who put their kids on hormone blockers to prevent puberty so they can "decide' which gender they want to be. (ok I'll get off my soapbox now)