7 March 2013

More problems for Canada's potential new fighter

New reports that the F-35, once tagged as Canada's new fighter, is flawed.

Oddly enough, this is a problem that should be fixable by the time the jet goes into full production.  But still, worrisome.

 As I said long ago:  There are plenty of arguments against buying this fighter  (I believed that buying an untested and unproven plane was a huge risk)  but "we don't need any planes" is not one of them.  I will say it again:  We have one of the finest engineering schools in the world, with Waterloo, and we have some of the finest high tech companies in the world, with Blackberry, and we have one of the finest air plane manufacturers, with Bombardier.  Could we not pull together something for ourselves, and spend this money in Canada, and provide jobs for Canadians?

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