23 March 2013

St Michael's Twin

Whilst on March Break the week before last, Puff and I took Younger and Frodo on a train ride to Hamilton, because Younger wanted to go on a train ride. 

Very close to the station were two churches.

The nearer church is a Baptist Church which has been sold and is apparently going to be made into Condos.  The further church- St Paul's Anglican- looked a little familiar, and when we drew close, we saw a plaque out front that gave a little history of the church, along with the name of the architect: as William Thomas.  Thomas designed many of Toronto's and southern Ontario's more prominent historical buildings, including St Lawrence Hall, Brock's Monument, the Don Jail, and St Michael's Cathedral.  The first reason why this building looks familiar is because it is very nearly a twin to St Michael's- or at least, a smaller sister. Look at these two views:

Pretty close.

It is common for an architect to work on a theme, and to make several works in a similar style.  This one, however, looks like he dusted off some plans.  If he did, then it was St Paul's that was the derivative, as it was built some years after St Michael's. 

Incidentally, the second reason why the church seemed familiar is because it has been used as a location for Murdoch's Mysteries, if any of you have ever watched the show. 

I think I'll go to Doors Open Hamilton in a little over a month and see this place if I can.  I would like to see what they have done with the interior, and if any of the similarities extend inside. 

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