26 April 2013

Restoring the House of God

I think I've watched the videos here about ten times or so in the last week, which lead me to watch this video about another ten times or so, which reminded me of this video from some years back.  These are all the stories about how some priests take over aging and decaying churches with falling attendance, churches that are just a few years from closing, and work restore the church and bring people back. 

These videos have a few things in common, but the thing that strikes me the most is the age of the priests.  They are all young men- the first two are on their very first parish assignment. They are all young men with ideas and vitality, and who lack the experience and cynacism to realize that what they are about to do is impossible.  And that is why they try, and because they try (and pray, and pray, and pray) they succeed.

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Janet in Toronto said...

Here's another one, my former parish in an Atlanta suburb is moving a church 900 miles, God willing.