9 April 2013

On the death of the Iron Lady

An Era has come to an end with the death of Margaret Thatcher.  Conservative bloggers, including Catholics, the world over are praising her for her courage, her tenacity, her eloquence, and are writing encomiums of how she was one of the big three who saved Western Civilization.  Many are asking that e pray for the repose of her soul, and it is only right that we do so.

However, there is something I would like to add.  It has long been a complaint among right wing bloggers that left leaning Catholics will sacrifice some of their principles- in other words, abortion- to support a politician who advocates both abortion but also some other aspect of social justice near and dear to the Catholic voters' hearts.  To those who praise the Iron Lady for saving the West, and her alliance with both Reagan and the Pope, you should look at some of the other things she supported, such as tirelessly voting and working in favour of a woman's right to choose.  That whooshing sound you hear right now? That is your credibility being flushed away.


Vox Cantoris said...

She was a great leader notwithstanding, the unfortunate position on the choice to murder a child in its mother's womb; but your point is well-taken.

Now, what is your position on our Justin Trudeau and voting Liberal in Canada given his comment that all MP's and candidates must be pro-abortion?

Bear said...

I was not aware that Trudeau had so decreed, however, I am sad to say I am not surprised. It is all the sadder,a s the Liberal Party was once my party. I preferred the centrist ideals over those of the right and the left. The ideal centrist would be able to pick and choose from the characteristic truths of both aleft and right, and avoid their characteristic errors. In practice, they choose the characteristic errors, and shun the truths like the plague.

That he would insist that all candidates hold any specific position on any specific issue is another sad feature of modern Canadian politics, and a point about which I have written many times on this blog. the leaders of the parties- all of them, no exception- have in the last forty years at least been unconstitutionally focusing power on their office, to the point that any individual representative is irrelevant. Local candidates run no ads, make few speeches and barely run for themselves. The local party members are more or less irrelevant, and we are now being asked to vote solely for one of the leaders of the party. In short, Canadians are no longer asked to vote for their people who will represent them and their interests in parliament; we are being asked by the leaders to vote for their reprentatives and their proxies. We have been shut out from the halls of power.

Vox Cantoris said...

Many have chosen other parties such as the Family Coalition or Christian Heritage, but this has only pulled Catholics and Christians out of the main parties from a policy, organisation and influence point-of-view and in the polling both, splits the vote and often sends in a worse alternative than the Conservatives. Do we follow then the American model? Christians are mocked in the Democratic Party and while they make up a large share of the Republican Party, the potential of Republican support of so-called same-sex marriage, the Christian "right" if you will, will depart them under someone like Huckabee and from a third party. Well, that will just send the pro-abort Dems back. So what to do?

From a voting perspective, we already know.

For the rest, it really has to be a change of heart and we need to see a biological end to this generation (which probably includes me).

Abortion will be outlawed one day and it will be the generation now in their 20's who will do it.

But any Catholic voting for this pretender Trudeau, will be participating in an evil and will be held accountable by the Lord.