2 April 2013

Our Easter Weekend

When asked by my coworkers how I would spend the long weekend, I told them that I would spend it by going to church a lot.  As it turned out, I went only once, on Holy Thursday.  On Good Friday, Younger was ill, and I stayed at home to care for her while Puff and Elder went to church.  On Easter Sunday, our holiest day of the year, I and Elder were violently ill, and could not go anywhere that was more than twenty feet from a  bathroom.  Puff and Younger went to Mass.  Yesterday, Puff was down, and last night Frodo came down with whatever this is.  The circle is now complete, I hope, and we will all soon recover. 

I hope all of you had a better Easter weekend than us.  In the meantime, I feel we all owe our toilets an apology for the hell we have put them through.


LarryD said...

I'm sorry to hear how ill everyone was at your home.

At least there are still 48 days of Easter to celebrate...

Bear said...

Anonymous, I think you got the names mixed up: What you meant to say was:
That's wrong Elder STayed home to watch Younger while mom went to Good Friday services.

You stayed home to help ELder.