16 May 2013

Blog day, part the first. The William James Problem.

Feeling sick and staying home today.  I'm too weak to do any of the things I actually enjoy doing, so I will blog random thoughts that pass through my stuffed up head.

I wonder if I will end up like William James, author of a book on the varieties of religious experience.  When he came to write the section dealing with mystical experiences, he decided he wished to try and experience mysticism first hand.  Lacking the time and meditative discipline, he sought mysticism through chemistry.  So he got stoned on something or other, and while under the influence felt his mind expanding with utterly brilliant thoughts.  So he decided to try it again, only this time with a pad of paper close at hand so he could write down the thoughts that came to him during his chemical enlightenment.  He came to, and found the words he had written when in a state of enlightened genius:  "Higamous hogomous, woman is monogamous.  Higamous pigamous, man is polygamous."

Perhaps it is for the best that no one reads this crummy blog.

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Anonymous said...

"This crummy blog." I like that