16 May 2013

Blog Day: part the third: On the Leafs

My reaction, in a word: schadenfreude.

As I said, after years of not having a competitive team, after nine years of not even making the playoffs, yet still being the most profitable team in the league due to the undying loyalty/boneheaded stupidity of the fans, the Leafs repay the fans' for sticking with the Leafs through thick and thin by sticking it to the Leafs and raising the ticket prices for the playoffs by seventy five per cent. 

I watched a bit of some of the games- as it turns out, the ones the Leafs lost.  And I say they lost, not that they were beaten.  There is a difference between the two.  Beaten is what happens when you go out there, do your very best, and are either just over matched, or catch an unlucky break.  There is no dishonour there.  Losing is what happens when you give the other team the game.  That's what the Leafs did.  They lost.  They're losers.  So are the fans who forked out those exorbitant prices to watch these clowns.

Enjoy the golf season.

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