16 May 2013

Blog Day, Post the last: To bed.

Back to bed again.  Hope I am feeling better tomorrow.  Still feel like crap. 

Sad truth is, I can't let myself be sick tomorrow, because I lose money every day I am off.  Work shortened my hours to six a day a few years back, but they then gave me an additional hour almost every day to bring me up to the full seven.  But my base pay is only six, so when I call in sick, or take a vacation to be with the kids, or a personal day to attend a funeral, I only get the six hours pay, and lose the seventh.  I've lost an hour's pay for today.  I will lose an hour's pay Monday, as it is a holiday up here.  I really need tomorrow.  I think I will go in and sneeze on the head manager.

 Still haven't found that blasted converter.

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