26 June 2013

Elder graduated from High School tonight

She has passed another milestone, and moved a little forward into the future.  When you are young, the milestones come fast and furious.  She is happy and excited a the moment.  For myself... I don't know.

There are a lot of feelings and thoughts.  I wonder where all the time has gone, how it all passed so quickly.  There were so many things I wanted to do, but there was never time nor money.  It was my job to give her a good example.  Was it good enough?

One way or another, ready or not, she will now have to find her own way, and she will be free, as I was, to make her own mistakes, and free to learn what lessons she will, and bear the consequences. I cannot and I will not choose her path for her.  I pray she finds a good one, that God guides her first fumbling steps.


Patience said...

Congrats on your eldest's grad. Mine 9actually child #3) doesn't want to attend graduation. (which I think is strangely in the fall of this year so maybe she'll rethink that) I'm just relieved that she's finished as it was a tough four years (she has LD issues) and that she's found a program of choice. We went to the Disability office yesterday and she will get as much support as she needs (better than high school)
Where is your dd going next year?

Bear said...


Patience said...

Is she taking a Gap Year? I've heard of a lot of kids doing that. I'm glad my dd at least knew what she wanted but I also know there's plenty of kids out there who don't know. My oldest two were like that.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

At present her plan is to work for a while. Her cousin is helping her put together and profesionalize her resume. NOt technically a gap year, but university or college is not out of the possibilties completely.