11 June 2013

It is finished

For comparison: the original and my version, side by side.

The woodworking is now finished. I will now put a finish on it. I think I'll go with shellac, my favourite, and do a polish on the mensa. I could try and do a few gold leaf highlights, but I have never done that before, and the only gold leaf I can afford would be the kind that looks like a candy bar wrapper.

It has taken me a long time of off and on, five minutes here, ten minutes there, to get to this point.  The wood is all found lumber, and much of it is mahogany, and some of it is something that looks an awful lot like mahogany.

Now, here's the thing: I am willing to sell it.  It isn't something I particularly want to do, but I am hard up for money at the moment, and I will let it go- once I have applied the finish- for $1700.00.  

The altar is six feet tall.  The table is about nineteen inches high, or just above knee height for an adult.  The weight is not evenly distributed, (there is no way it could have been with the large structure resting on the back of the table) so it will need to be anchored to a wall, just like book cases are supposed to be.

The buyer will have to provide their own pictures, or needlework, or whatever they wish to fill in the empty spaces for the altar, and they will also have to arrange for its transportation.  I will see to it that it is ready for pickup.  If you are interested, contact me at gladius-spiritus(at)hotmaildotcom.