3 June 2013

Prayer request

I just found out the wife of one of the guys I used to work with died suddenly on Wednesday of a heart attack.  She was fifty-one.  They have a daughter in her mid teens.

Sometimes I find myself wondering off on tangents about  our policies here.  We get a two week bereavement leave when one of our spouses die.  It is generous, but it seems absurd to expect someone to bury their spouse, get their life back in order, and be back at their desk in fourteen days, just like before, like nothing happened.

Pray for the family.

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Patience said...

My dad died from a heart attack at age 51 at work a week after New Years. I was 17. I am now 51. It was tough but concerning the bereavement; my mom worked as a teacher and he died on a Monday and she was back at work on the Thursday (or thereabouts). I went back to school then too. Sometimes getting back to the normal routine helps; even if you're not fully recovered.
Anyway prayers for the husband and daughter. I hope she is at a high school where she'll get as much support as I did; that makes a big difference. Same for the dad.