12 September 2013

Pop quiz

As of writing this, I have had one comment on the last seven posts. Quick, without looking down, guess which post merited a comment. Was it

1. The post about the church that, seemingly against the odds, is bringing people and altar boys out to Mass even on weeknights?

2. The post about a newish blog about Catholic men, with ruminations about a man whom I believe to be an example of what Catholic men can be?

3. The post about Mom's prayer being answered, along with a punchline by yours truly?

4. A post about how I believe Fr. Z. unfairly and unjustly blew off a reader who wanted to know how to politely approach a priest?

5. The beer sign?

6. A post about the death penalty that began with a conservative minded priest demonstrating to his readers how they too can get around difficult Church teachings?

7. A post about the start of the hockey season with a few gratuitous shots at the Leafs?

It was the Leafs that mattered enough for someone to read and comment. The beer sign didn't get any comments, although two people thought it to be funny.

It is time, it is past time for me to rethink this blog. I was always told for years and years "just write about what is important to you, and the audience will come." But that's a lie. I have rejection slips and the nightmare of trying to get my dissertation topic approved to show for it. I have this blog to show for it. I am alone. I cannot, for the life of me, come up with a topic or a theme that anyone else cares about. My thought are of interest to almost no one but myself and it is time I kept them there.

But hey, how 'bout them Leafs?


Patience said...

Actually I somehow missed the one about the busy church out in the country. Or I would have asked: Which church is it? (you can PM me if you want)
You once posted a query about whether "destination churches" were getting more people to come out and attend or were stealing people from their neighbourhood parishes. It's possible the country church is one of those.
The same thing has been pondered over the young women entering more traditional religious communities.
As far as getting comments goes; having links to other blogs and possibly Facebook is also good.

Bear said...


it was St James in Colgan. Not too far from Orangeville on highway 9.