11 October 2013

I'll have to put this in a book one day

I was speaking to a manager earlier, and suddenly a scene for a book suddenly popped into my head.  By some amazing coincidence, the scene is of a manager discussing matters with a worker in her office when the worker interrupts.

Worker:  Hang on a sec, I just realized there's something I need to do.  Can I use your phone? Only for a second?  Thanks.  (dials)  Hum de dum, pick it up,  pick it up... Oh, hello.  Human resources?  Good.  I am calling with a question: When someone wishes to quit working at this hellhole, is there any paperwork to fill out, or do we just punch our manager in the face.  Oh, there's paperwork.  Ah well.  (to the manager:) Can I borrow a pen and a sticky note? Thanks.  (to the person on phone.)What is it?  A form 340/5a to payroll. Okay.  Got it. That's it? No?  What else?  A something something to pension... makes sense...and another form to you at human resources... not you, someone else... and then I'm done?  No?  okay, then what?  Another form to my main manager... plus one to my immediate manager... and another one to... look, this is all starting to sound terribly complicated.  Are you sure I can't just punch them in the face?  I mean, they're right here, it won't take a second.... Alright, it won't even take half a second.  I got my fist already clenched and ready to go....  You're sure? Alright then. never mind.  Thanks for your help.  It's been a slice.  (hangs up phone, and turns to manager)  Well, as it turns out, this is your lucky day...

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