1 November 2013

Another Mom Weekend.

I've rented a car this weekend, which means among other things it is time for the monthly Mom Weekend, in which I toss my dear old mom in a car and take her out for a drive.  We go and see things like waterfalls, old churches, nice scenery, A really big maple tree, the annual salmon run and barns.  For some reason she has a fondness for old barns.  Don't ask me.  I've learnt to just accept it.

Asking mom where she wants to go is generally an exercise in futility.  "Anywhere you want to go is fine with me."

Me: But is there anywhere you want to go?

Mom:  I don't want to be a bother.

Me:  You're not a bother.  Where do you want to go?

Mom:  Well, I've always liked the places you've picked.

Me, internally (grrrrrrr): Yes.  And I thank you for saying that.  However, if there is anywhere you'd like to go....?

Mom:  Well, there is this one place I've always wanted to see...

Me: Yes?

Mom: But it might be too much of a bother.

Me (Gah!)  I'll decide that.  Where is it?

Mom:  Are you sure? I mean....

Me: (AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!) Mom,. do you remember a few years back when you almost died because you didn't want to bother people by telling them you weren't feeling that well?  It would have been less of a bother for you to bother us than it was for you to try and not bother us.  So bother us. It's less of a headache in the long run. We'll love you anyway.  Where is it?

Mom: There is this one place, but now that I think of it, there is somewhere that might be closer, but I don't know if....

 And so on.

I've been debating whether or not to do a local tour, (by which I mean within about two and a half hours from home each way) or something stupid (which is farther.)  I'm leaning towards something stupid.    Stupid is usually more memorable.  I'd ask her, but by the time I got an answer out of her  the weekend would be over and I would have to return the car.

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