30 January 2014

Mother gets 18 months for killing newborns

Note the plural.  She tossed three babies- by her own admission, still alive- in the garbage.  One was rescued and survived.  She had a fourth child while in police custody.  Probably the safest place for that kid to be born.  Her excuse was, and I quote: "I wasn't normal."

The lightness of the sentence rankles.  In Canada we have easy access to pretty much every form of birth control available.  We have unrestricted access to abortion.  (no, I am not advocating either).  And yet this still happened.  This was murder, period, and she should be treated as a murderer, and not get a light sentence because she was...whatever she and the court think she was.

Why would an admitted  double murderer with an admitted third attempted murder get only 18 months?  It is, I believe, because the lives of the three children were not deemed of sufficient value to bring down the full weight of the law.  This is a hell of a time for the law to start agreeing with prolifers that there is hardly any difference between a child about to be born and one that is born. 

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