10 March 2014

Breaking illusions.

My singing teacher has told me repeatedly that it would be a good idea to record my own voice and listen to how I sound.  Not having anything to record with, I never did follow that advice until now.  Yesterday I recorded myself singing at Mass on Younger's Ipod.Today I listened to that recording.  It has been eye-opening, to say the least.  I knew that the sound I make is not quite the sound I think I make, but I had not expected the difference to be so stark.  I am almost moved to the point where I never want to sing in public again.  I heard that recording, and it sounded nothing like what my voice sounds like to me.  It has left me thinking things like:  What possessed me to think I could sing?  What were those other people thinking when they told me they liked my voice, or encouraged me to continue?  Why did no one tell me my voice is hideous?


Yeah, I'll get over it.  But, wow, that was disillusioning.  At least I now know what my teacher and organist were trying to tell me for the longest time.

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