23 April 2014

It's Shakespeare Day!

Today is the 450th birthday of dear old William Shakespeare, so, in honour of the day, go grab a knife and stab your step father!or you could go to my sidebar and peruse my page of Shakespeareana.

I wonder what the man himself would make of all the fuss. It's very hard to get a grasp of Shakespeare's character from the little surviving information we have, and all attempts to do so have generally told us more about the authors than about Shakespeare himself.

At any rate, exalted felicitations of the day. Read a play. I recommend Macbeth. Its short an bloody, I like that sort of thing.

As always at this time of year, I give to you Wayne and Shuster Shakespearean Baseball!

Also keeping with tradition, and as an added treat, here is the finest rendition of Hamlet ever captured on film.

You're welcome.

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