3 April 2014

What is possible

A while back I found myself wrestling with the storytel documentary on St John Cantius in Chicago.  I worked over and over with the idea that all this, as Fr Philips said, could be done anywhere.  It was daunting, because I saw an awful lot of "this" in that video, and I was skeptical that all of it could be done anywhere, or even if it should.

I recently watched another of Storytel's documentaries, this time on St Peter's church in Omaha Nebraska.  The young priest there watched the video on St John Cantius, and even traveled to St John Cantius, and began applying the basic principles of Fr Philips, namely restoring the liturgy and finding out who can do what and putting those talents to good use, and has had a remarkable success in turning his parish around from the brink of closure.  That indeed is a "this" that may indeed be done "anywhere".  And it can lead to some amazing results.

But it does give rise to an interesting, and at the same time sad, question: Why isn't the principle of finding out who has what talents putting them to use already in use? Why do we need videos to tell us that this is a good idea?

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