13 May 2014

Boss to employees: Thanks, suckers

I believe the attitude of my employers to us can best be summed up by Catullus' phrase: "Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo..."(Be warned if you look up the translation. It's nasty.)

Our hours were shortened by two to three a week back in February. We were told it was temporary, and when the Spring Rush came full hours would be restored and they would stay that way until at least the middle of October. However, sales weren't quite as projected, and so hours are being cut again. We found out when they published the schedule for next week.

These are the same people who told me- with a smile, I should add- they were radically cutting my hours the day I returned to work after the birth of my son. It's nothing personal, of course.

The person in charge of the schedule came to me by coincidence on other business just as I had opened the e-mail containing the schedule for next week. "Oh yeah," she said. "That sucks, doesn't it?" (I would like to note that she is one of the few whose hours are never cut.) "But what can you do, right? You do know this isn't my fault, right? I'm just doing my job. You know that, don't you?"

Why do people who partake in screwing me over expect me to feel sorry for them that circumstances beyond their control compel them to screw me over?

The cut isn't that great, but every little bit hurts, and it adds up. In unrelated news, this morning I fired up the old glue gun to repair a hole in my one pair of shoes.

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