22 May 2014

Worth repeating

True story:  I got a little cheap tablet for Christmas.  (Well, not quite:  It was originally younger's, but she gave it to me after Santa gave her a smokin' new Ipod that it about a hundred times better than the tablet.)  It's okay, does what I require, but the funny thing is its camera.  It has only one, and it points in the same direction as the screen.  In other words, the only picture you can take with it is the selfie.  (I won't comment at this time about how narcissistic we have become that we make cameras for the sole purpose of photographing ourselves)  Knowing that there were others out there who may have the same problem as myself, I looked up information on the internet about the taking of selfies, and I found this handy-dandy tip sheet to help us all take better selfies. Don't be fooled by the title.  it also works well for women and teenagers.

You're welcome.

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