25 June 2014

Soccer is for wusses

I have come to the conclusion that soccer, and indeed all close proximity non contact sports, are for wusses.  Indeed, it seems to turn men into wussies.

I say this after having some world cup fever inflicted upon me.  Yesterday- and today- I have been hearing a continuing debate over how an Uruguayan bit an Italian player on the shoulder.  The player's defence was that the Italian's shoulder ran into his mouth.  The incident is under investigation.

But really?  "He ran into my mouth"?  This lying defence is what this guy came up with?  He can't even own his actions?  He strikes from behind out of the shadows, then, like a slinking coward denies he ever intended to hurt.  And this is a sports hero, watched by kids who want to grow up and be like him.

In every game I have watched I have seen players take elaborate swan dives following the slightest contact with a player of the opposing team.  They roll on the ground crying for their mommies, to make sure the referee saw the most egregious foul.  They take dives because there's a potential reward in it for them.  This crap doesn't happen in contact sports, because, you know, you expect to get hit, you can hit in return, and there is no reward for falling on the ground and crying like a baby.  Compare this

with this.

The bottom video features Jonah Lomu, one of the most dominant rugby players ever..  Watch again as he  carries that ball, shrugging off repeated hits, as he races for the goal, determined to either score or die trying.  That's an athlete.  The attitude of many soccer players is: If you can't score, try lying. While I realize most of the soccer players taking the field for World Cup are in fact incredibly skilled professionals, there are too many of of these guys out there, and they sp0il everything. I don't know about his personal life, but I would rather my kids emulate Lomu's attitude on the field in their life rather than these fainting, lying, backstabbing pussies that play soccer.

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