11 June 2014

Yet another election day

Tomorrow, once again the people of Ontario will be asked to support a few people who can't seem to understand that it is impossible for the vast majority of us to vote for them.  The parties and their leaders make the mistake of believing that the people for whom we are supposed to vote are to represent us in provincial parliament, and instead believe that these representatives are to represent the leaders and their parties to us.  Even more damnably, the representatives themselves seem to believe this, and do their best to not have any personality or thought beyond party policy.  They pretend that there are huge differences between each party, when they are all part of the same hypocrisy. The platforms they espouse are meaningless, as the last series of Ontario governments  (and these include all parties) began their reigns with announcements that the previous government lied about our current financial situation, that about a billion dollars is missing from the budget, so, gosh golly, they can't carry out their eleven billion or so in campaign promises.

I do not want any of these people running the government.  I honestly do not want any of these people in the government.  I begrudgingly and with great reluctance admit they have the right to exist on my planet, though I would prefer them on another.  Why o why can't they all lose?

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