31 July 2014

Another Hobbit Movie Coming-

..hooray or boo?  I have seen the new trailer, and I can't say for certain .I liked the first movie, although I thought it had flaws.  I think the second movie fell apart completely, although there were one or two good moments.  So will this movie redeem the series?  I would like it to end on a good note, but I do not hold out much hope.  At least Bilbo appears in this trailer.  he was mostly absent from the last movie. So either he plays a larger role this time, or they put every single time he appears on screen into the trailer.

I said it about the Lord of The Rings movies, and I will say it again now: Peter Jackson was not the man to bring them to the screen.  Jackson is a post modernist through and through, whereas Tolkien rejected modernism itself.  Jackson cannot bring heroism, and faithfulness, and honour, and honesty to the screen.  Such things are foreign to the post modern mind- the post modernist cannot bring such things to the screen without introducing doubt, and irony, and mockery- yet they are the heart and the backbone of Tolkien's work.

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