18 August 2014

Public service announcement.

I haven't blogged for a while, and won't be blogging anything substantial for a little while longer.  This is  because Elder came to stay at home with us for a few days, and in the space of three of those days she burned through almost all of our eighty Gigabyte monthly limit.   The internet is now shut off at home, and will be until we get a new month's worth of internet access, of which she will not get a bit.

That is all.  


Patience said...

Where is your eldest when not at home? I don't remember anything about her going away?
The whole bandwidth deal; is she downloading movies or games?

Bear said...

She is looking after her grandmother most days, with frequent visits home. She recently took a couple of weeks off to stay with us, eat our food, etc. She was downloading video after video after video....