9 October 2014

Quick question...

...and I would really appreciate some responses

Short Version: The parish is going to have another advent recital this year and I, along with the main choir and the school choir (who are actually pretty good, by the way.  Their leader is a professional singer who sings with the Opera Atelier chorus.),   have been asked to participate and sing some advent music. Last year the organist also brought in a couple of professionals friends to do a song or two, so I was literally the worst thing on the list that night.  Anyone have any suggestions for good advent music for solo male voice?  Assume the obvious good stuff- O come o come Emmanuel, etc- is already taken.  I am thinking about doing a couple of the O antiphons, but I am not a terribly good chanter.  So: suggestions? Favourites? Anyone? Bueller?

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Vox Cantoris said...

How is your German?

Nunn komm der Heiden Heiland, by Praetorius.