4 December 2014

One down

The first bazaar was a bust. The planning of it was not competent.

My first clue that something was amiss was when I received the e-mail confirming my table and telling me when I could set up. The set up time, according to this missive, was half an hour before the bazaar began. I thought that must be a misprint, because no one would be stupid enough to believe that setup would only take half an hour.

My second clue came as I approached the school. The school sign read "Christmas bazaar 5-9, Christmas concert 7." I thought that too must be a mistake, for why would they have the two on the same night? It made no sense. Perhaps it was an oversight.

But then I spoke to one of the people in charge and discovered that, no, it was planned this way. You see, they told me, this way the parents would be able to attend both at the same time.

(Yes, dear reader, I live in a world where I had to explain to a teacher that someone cannot be in two places at the same time.)

They seemed to be of the opinion that the parents would stop by the bazaar before and after the concert. In the very best case scenario, that would have the sellers twiddling their thumbs for two hours. But parents work. And after work, they wish to eat. And after working and eating, they like to rest. So they would not be coming early, as that would cut into dinner, and they did not stick around afterwards, because by then (the concert ran over its expected length- qu'elle surprise) the parents wished to return home.

I had been told that we could expect a crowd at the bazaar of five or six hundred and possibly more. I doubt the actual number reached one hundred and fifty. And we did spend at least two hours twiddling our thumbs. I am thankful I did not rent that car. I would have eaten every penny of that cost.

So onto the next one. If I am going to make any extra cash, it has to be there. I do not like putting all my eggs in one basket.

By the way, that card reader we went through so much trouble and expense to get? Never used it.


Anonymous said...

My wife wants a creche, why don't you start an etsy store and you can take online orders and who knows hit more than the local bazaar. Add 5ish% into your price plus postage and away you go. I shall be your first order, I don't know you at all and I am from the opposite end of the country and the only thing we have in common is our religion, voila! global sales!

Bear said...

I researched Etsy and looked up many of the woodworking stores. Etsy keeps track of all the sales made by the stores, and also the price to display on Etsy and so on. I calculated that, of the ones I saw, they are not making money.

If you want a creche, I'll post photographs next week here of the ones I have made. If any strike your fancy, you may contact me by e-mail (on the right) and we can arrange something.