23 December 2014

The reason for the season

I first want to wish everyone the very Merriest of Christmases, and, if I don't post between now and then, an Ebullient  New Year.  May God's peace reign within your hearts and your homes. May you get the rest you need and deserve over the holidays. My family is almost ready, but there will still things to be done at the very last minute. In addition. for singers, and those of us who like to pretend that we are, it is a busy time.  I won't be singing on Christmas Day itself, but I will be singing at a Christmas concert on the 27th, (St Cecilia's, starts at 7.) Holy Family Sunday, and New Year's Day, both at nine in the morning.   In short, the Masses no one else wanted. 

As has been my custom, I will close with my favourite scene from my favourite Christmas special.  I love this one even more than the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Take it away, brother Linus.


UPDATE: I just read an article on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. In the same spirit as those cranial-rectal impact victims who watch It's a Wonderful Life and come to the conclusion that Bedford Falls would have been better off had George Bailey never lived, this blockhead comes to the conclusion that it is Linus who is off target, that Christmas is really about some kind of Randian exchange, and the real meaning of Christmas is to be found in Lucy's line that Christmas is really some kind of corporate racket driven by an eastern syndicate. Good Grief.

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