24 February 2015

On Vox and Rosica

My friend Vox Cantoris has been threatened with a lawsuit by Fr, Thomas Rosica, who is, inter alia, a spokesman for the Vatican. The lawsuit is the product of a longstanding feud between the two men.

I haven't said anything because of my usual caution- caution to the point of cowardice, perhaps. Vox is a friend. I should have been among the first to come to his aid, not bringing up the rear.

However, lawyers are now involved, and I thought it best to be careful in my words, lest I inadvertently make a bad situation worse. I have not been idle, but have been praying daily for Vox as I watched the situation unfold. I would request any readers out there to stop for a moment right now and pray for Vox in this hour of crisis, and also to pray for Rosica. It is terrible that a situation arose between two brothers in Christ to the point that one felt the need to sue the other.

Who started it? Who fired the first shot that got this mess started? I honestly don't know. I do disagree with those who believe that this is evidence of dark forces in the Vatican attempting to silence good and faithful bloggers. I see something different. What has been going on between these men is personal. Rosica has ratcheted it up to the next level.

So pray for the men. Pray that this may be concluded peacefully, and we may escape the scandal of Catholic suing Catholic, and that these brothers in faith may be brothers to each other once more. It would take a miracle, therefore let us pray for one.


I received a note from Vox who said pointedly that he does not loathe anyone, as I had originally stated that I believe the emotions between the two men amounts to mutual loathing. In response to Vox's protest  I have since altered the offending passage.

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