6 April 2015

Easter singing, and a thought that occurred to me

I sang at Mass yesterday, as I have said I would.  Puff was sitting down in the pews whilst I howled up above.   At one point she heard the couple behind her talking, and, begging your forgiveness for my lack of seemly modesty, I shall repeat their brief conversation, as reported by my wife:

A:  Hey, this guy's good.

B: Yeah, not like the one at our church.

This is what it comes to: as long as there are people out there worse than myself, I am golden.  This point was driven home when I visited my mother in the afternoon and had dinner with my extended family.  One of my elder sisters was there.  Puff told this story, and sis looked over at me and drawled:  "By any chance, did you sing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' for the gospel acclamation?"

Me: I would never do that.  Why?  Is that what they did at your church?

Her: Yup.

I had heard rumours that there were places that did such things, but never so close to home.  Has anyone else out there run into that before.

Lastly, I watched Frodo playing over at my mother's for a long time yesterday, and I thought of the assessments and his schooling and the future.  Whilst I brooded, he played happy and carefree, and I thought: Why would I want to change that? With that thought, I found myself to be a little more at peace with the events of the last couple of weeks and the future. I wish to help my son, to do everything I can for him, but I don't want to do it at the expense of the smile on his face.


Patience said...

And there you have the right attitude. If my dd was doing something to "help" her and she was crying and unhappy; I mostly discontinued it. (this includes schools) I probably made a bunch of mistakes (like we do with all kids) but in general I (and my dh) listened to our hearts (did our own research) and not what the "experts" thought.

Bear said...

It took me a while, but I got there.