27 April 2015

Prayer Request

I should have known some bad news was coming.  I had actually been feeling pretty good.   Puff and I had just this morning  been to meet the social worker who outlined for us some of the aid and services that are available for Frodo.  The list is actually fairly extensive.  Plus, we finally did the income tax on the weekend, and I will be getting a fair return.   So, naturally, bad news had to come, and here it is.

My union is pushing to go on strike.

Apart from my income tax return, I have zero savings in the bank.  Strike pay is next to nothing.  Assuming I get my return on time, I will likely blow the full amount on making up for the shortfall in my pay.

We have been without a contract since last July or August.  I believe the main sticking point is pay.  The union is pushing for a 1 to 1.5 per cent raise.  The administration wants to give us a one time cash handout rated to our pay- but no raise.  The union wanted to see how the other strikes played out and see what the other unions got.  As it turns out, they got some fairly sweet deals- which means the pot was empty by the time we came to the table. 

Please pray that this does not happen.

I was starting to feel optimistic.  I should have known better.

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Patience said...

Prayers that this doesn't happen. Being married to a (wonderful) guy doing a start up; I totally understand how it is to live on the edge.