19 June 2015

About the actual Laudato Si

I'm taking my time reading it.  After I've read it, I will sit and ponder what it says.  This may take a few weeks.  Then, I will quite possibly read it again.  I am not going to publish any first impressions nor fire off kneejerk remarks based upon what other people have said about it at this point.  I may have something to say in, maybe, a month's time- basically, after everyone has stopped caring one way or the other about it. At which point I probably won't say anything about it, on the grounds that, y'know, no one cares.  But, if there are any stalwarts out there who want my opinion, which seems unlikely to me, ask me in about a month.


Julian Barkin said...

Hi Bear,

I hope you don't mind me being a stalwart, but I wouldn't mind hearing out your take on this document. Most of what I see are those professional Catholics or "pickled pepper faced" people making the commentary. I think it would be great if we got your take as a "orthodox" Everyman trying to raise a family in a modern society on this. If anything it would reflect what those good Sons of the Church with a little more care of things of the Church, but a better attitude think of this. And it would speak perhaps a volume of two of how it is needed (or sorely missed the mark) for the person in the pews.

Bear said...

I'll see what I can do. Encyclicals are weighty documents, and not to be treated lightly.

Julian Barkin said...

I am happy you take that view to them!