15 June 2015

Quick question about Facebook

Is there any point to it?  I've never bothered with an account, but I have had many people pushing to the point that if I don't get on to Facebook I will be left out of several loops entirely.  So, Facebook: yea or nay?  It seems to be a colossal waste of time to me- a way to kill time for people whose time is better off dead- but I could be wrong.  Any thoughts?


Adrienne said...

Stay away from Facebook. It's a loop you don't need to be in.

Julian Barkin said...

Depends. I'd say based on your posts you are likely of my generation (born in mid-late 80s) or somewhat older, and we were the first to hop onto Facebook, pre-advertisement age. I have acquaintances from all parts of my education. I say if you want a means to communicate with old friends, or doing activities with those of your age group or slightly older, it's worth it. Also good Catholic groups/organizations/Latin Mass groups use it as well for promotion of activities and events. The drawbacks is if you friend people of mine or younger generations you'll have access to their Facebook pics and some people just are not discreet. Also Zuckerberg gave into advertisements of all kinds that wasn't in its early phases. Some ads are tasteless. Honestly it depends on who you want to contact and see and your associations.

Patience said...

I think you should have a reason to join Facebook. I joined to keep in touch with my adult boys who weren't living at home and then I gradually got other contacts. Facebook is an organic entity; it needs daily or at least biweekly feeding. I look at friends pages on my news feed and comment on them; I click "like" sometimes as well. I have met most of the people I have a friends; at the very least (and this from a former yahoo group of Catholic moms) I send Christmas cards every year.
I know some people get friend requests and feel they have to accept or else in my son's case; (and his peer group); there are "friends of friends". In other words you ask for an invite if you see a person on your friend's list and want them to be your friend too. (um yeah I don't really get this either) LOL
I have 80 friends; my oldest ds has about 1500. You'd think his newsfeed would be wild but if you don't keep in touch; I think Facebook kinda filters out infrequent contact feeds.
You also get access to certain pages (I'm on one for Ontario teachers as well as some Catholic pages (which are inspirational) and an adoption hair care one for example) It just depends how much you want to interact with others and if it does anything for you.
So in conclusion; join if you want and try it out; you can always close your account. I really like Facebook and it's a chance for social interaction (albeit cyber interaction) and it has resulted in some good contacts and meet ups.

LarryD said...

I just joined Facebook as a means to stay in touch with out of town family, and also to stay in the loop with other Patheos writers I like. It hasn't turned into the timesuck I was afraid it could have.

That, it turns out, is Twitter...

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

It would save me conveying messages to you from your friends and family.

Just an aside