24 July 2015

Another reflection on facebook

My Lord, it's pointlessly boring.  I think I'll severely curtail my time on Facebook and do something more productive and intellectually stimulating, like slicing an apple in two and watching the separate halves turn brown.


Suzanne F. said...

Well I enjoy your facebook posts. Sometimes it's not about what facebook gives to you, it's what you bring to facebook.

Patience said...

It depends on what you hope to get out of it. For me it's been a way to communicate and stay in touch. Social media (love it or hate it) is the new way to network. Employers now check out your online presence as an addition to looking over your resume. Your online presence is part of the resume. (provided you work at posting relevant material.
I went to a workshop at Humber College on Social Media and one of the speakers was in a pretty well paid position at Virgin Mobile and had networked her way there through blogging and twitter posts.
Sure FB is full of fluff but it's also useful.

Bear said...

I had hoped to connect with people, but this is not a connection. All they do is link and like. That's it. just links and likes. No thought. Nothing personal. Just this kind of thoughtless "What they said!" plus a kind of narcissism of "I like this! So should you!" It is no connection at all. It's also rather pointless, or so it seems to me. I mean, if I really cared. I would look up what ever these links and likes are myself, wouldn't I? I had hoped to engage in discussion, but, so far, really nothing.