28 August 2015

Proof positive that men - at least modern men- are pathetic

A study of the accounts held by 'women' who used the Ashley Madison website reveals some interesting facts.  First the numbers were heavily slanted.  Accounts held by 'women' were outnumbered by the male accounts by about six to one, just to start with.  But a fair number of those accounts were believed to be made by men pretending to be female.  And further looking at the those five million accounts shows the most interesting fact of all:  almost none of them showed any activity at all following the creation of the account.  Only 12-13,000 accounts ostensibly owned by women showed any activity at all.  Statistically, the percentage of active 'female' (remember that it is believed that at least some of them are men pretending to be women)  accounts is indistinguishable from zero.

In practical terms, the men who threw away their marriages, their families, their very lives, did so for nothing.  It was the Faustian bargain perfected.  Uncle Screwtape said it best:  "To get a man’s soul and give him nothing in return–-that is what really gladdens Our Father’s heart.”

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Anonymous said...

Clearly, Ashley Madison was a con-game and men were too stupid to see through it, thinking with the wrong brain, so-to-speak.

Ashley Madison and the media company that owns it are getting their comeuppance. Not that the outers are saints for invading private data, but it looks good on all of them.