23 September 2015

Here's one to show your daughters

What's that? You want to see a video of a young woman who weighs maybe a buck and a quarter but only if you cover her in wool and soak her in hot water for an hour take out some stupid mugger whose got a foot in height and a hundred pounds n weight on her with a martial artistry that would make Chuck Norris cry a single cancer curing tear of envy? No problem!

I realize this doesn't quite match the "turn the other cheek" ideal, but...

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Anonymous said...

Jesus never expected anyone to "turn the other cheek" in a case such as this. This is a major problem in our western uncivilisation. We have lost he will to fight because of the lieberals and libtards asking us WWJD forgetting that making a whip and turning over tables is in fact, an option.

As for this goon, he gets what he deserved.

However, what amazes me are the freaking cowards that did not help this girl and the heartless who did not see if the poor creep was okay!

That says a whole lot more.