9 September 2015

Two Questions

Miley Cyrus wants BC to stop the wolf cull

Here are my two questions: 

First:  Why would she try and express an opinion about this matter, as if her opinion was somehow informed or otherwise of consequence?

Second:  Why would anyone pay any attention to her or anyone like her on this or any other topic?

I don't know enough about the cull itself to hold an intelligent position.  On the whole, I believe nature handles itself quite well without too much interference from us, and our efforts to control nature very often backfire spectacularly and regrettably.  What I am against as I trust I have made clear, is hearing the opinions of people whose sole claim to fame is that they are famous somehow makes them universal experts -veritable polymath- who may therefore hold forth authoritatively on any topic.  It was through listening to the famous that we brought back measles.  If we keep on listening to them, we'll bring back polio.

They deserve to be mocked, and Ms. Cyrus provides an easy target.  Here's her quote about the wolves:  "Sometimes I wish I could move to the moon & take them all with me..."

So do we all,  Miley.  So do we all.

1 comment:

Julian Barkin said...

When she stops being friends with "Molly" as well as dressing and acting like a prostitute, and goes back to her Hannah Montana days I'll care. Thanks for this oddity of a post