19 October 2015

Election day. Whooppee.

I've gone and done it: I went and cast my vote for what I deemed to be the shiniest turd in the pile. Not that it matters. My riding is liberal to the core and has been for decades. The Liberals could run a pig in a three piece suit here - and I am not entirely certain they haven't- and still win. I could vote Liberal, and they would win by a lot plus 1, or I could vote for another, and the Liberals would win by a lot minus 1.

And don't come in and tell me proportional democracy would fix that: you'd be completely misunderstanding what I regard as the problem, and then make it infinitely worse in trying to fix it. In short, you would be declaring yourself fit for a career in politics as yet another turd on the pile.

However, on the plus side, I am blessed to live in a country where voting is an option. That is not something to be underestimated or dismissed lightly.  But, back to the minus side, I would have liked to once, just once, have been able to vote for someone, rather than vote against someone who is even worse.  Just once.

I will now go and do my best to ignore both politics and sports for the rest of the day.

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