22 November 2015

I'm a writer. Release the pigeons.

At about 11:45 last night, while lying in bed, I tapped 'publish' on my tablet, and poof! Just like that, I was a published author.

I then lay down my tablet, rolled over, and attempted sleep. That was my launch party.

A lot of research into the business of publishing lead up to that moment, but, in the end, it was still a 'what the heck, let's just do it' sort of moment. There are pros and cons to this, ultimately you hope is more of the former, less of the latter. One way or the other, it has been a learning experience.
So, the book: it's really a short play, it would run about half an hour in real time. It's called "27 and 1/2 Short Plays About William Shakespeare.". Its e-blurb says describes it as a lecturer, with some help from Will and a few friends, explains a little bit about this phenomena we call Shakespeare.

That's the tl;dr version. The long version is more like this: the idea came to me years ago, when I was frequently attending lectures on Bill, about how weird this Shakespeare fellow must have been for all the contradictory gibberish these profs are spewing to be true. And the idea came to me of a professor giving a lecture, while Shakespeare in background acts out the utter nonsense of what the professor is saying. The result was 27.5 short vignettes.

But wait, there's more! I tacked on another unrelated short vignette called How (Not) To Write a Film Noire. In it a would-be author struggles with writer's block and interruptions, and ends up only frustrating both himself and his main character.

These are both things I wrote years ago, but now I am sending them into the wild to flourish or perish as the public sees fit. If anyone reads using Kindle and is interested, leave a comment.


msmr said...

I'm interested. Where can we get it?

Bear said...

Amazon. I'm waiting a day to see if there's any more interest. If there's enough here and on Facebook, I'd like go try something.

Bear said...

Well, that didn't work. Here's a link.