30 November 2015

My church had an advent recital last night.

It was a kind of "lessons and Carols" lite. 

I sang there.  We had an adult and children's choir, and both ere good.  Also, a pair of sopranos and a flautist, all of whom were excellent.  It was fairly well done.

Even better, we remembered to collect money this time!  Free will donations, only, but still. 
Last night's recital raised about $230 and some odd cents for the restoration fund. By my calculations, that's an increase of $230 and some odd cents over the last time we did this. You would have to divide by zero to calculate the percentage of our increase. It is infinite.

This probably means that we'll be dong it again next year. I would move that we combine it with a pizza or lasagna night, and not on a Grey Cup Sunday. The fathers who came to hear their kids sing in the children's choir looked a little put out at being there.  Even so, it was a good night.

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