8 December 2015

Keep banging your heads against that brick wall, guys. I'm sure something will give eventually.

So JK Rowling has come out and said Trump is worse than Voldemort. Odd: a complete and utter blowhard is worse than a monomania psychopathic mass murderer. Got it.

Before I continue, allow me full disclosure. I am a fan of Rowling's writings, and I am not in any way, shape or form a Trump supporter, nor would I be if my support mattered.

What Rowling and so much of the press fail to realize is that Trump's popularity is not despite the bad press, it is very much because of the bad press. Trump says something outrageous. The press gets outraged and demands he withdraws or apologize. Trump then doubles down and says something even more outrageous, and his popularity goes up. The press as a whole seems befuddled by this: why are these ignorant unwashed fools not listening to us? They get Hollywood and other celebrities onside, thinking surely the people will listen to the famous.

And then they continue bashing Trump, blithely unaware that they are playing right into his hands.

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