10 December 2015

Time for some utterly shameless self promotion

Have someone on your list that's hard to buy for, but owns a Kindle thing? Are you also a cheapskate? Then I've got just the deal for you! Go over to Amazon right now and get that person 27 and 1/2 Short Plays About William Shakespeare!

It is a staggeringly brilliant work of heart breaking genius, and I'm not saying that merely because I wrote it! It's a meeting of two great minds, mine and Shakespeare's! Read dramatic representations of such pressing questions as:

Why did Shakespeare write Hamlet?

What was the name of the first fat guy to play Falstaff?

Why did Shakespeare marry Anne Hathaway?

Why did Shakespeare deviate from real history when he wrote his histories?

What role did a bunch of illiterates play in creating the Shakespeare we know?

All these questions are examined, and more!

How much would you expect to pay for this? Many people spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn far less at university. Many people pay hundreds of dollars to see a Rhonda Roussey fight. This has more information than a university education and it lasts longer than a Roussey fight, so obviously by these standards it's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! That sounds perfectly reasonable to me, but I'm a nice guy, so I'll let you read it for a mere 99 cents American. It's a steal!

But that's not all! I tacked on another short play- How not to write a film noir. And I didn't raise the price! You can't go wrong! It has genius! Shakespeare! And genius! And it's dirt cheap! My mom loved it, you will too! You know it's true, because I'm using exclamation points! Click on the link!


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