19 February 2016

People on buses

My wife and our son had a curious encounter on a bus yesterday with some miraculous individual who has the magic power to look into people's souls.  The words below are hers.  I have only added who is speaking.

Person on Bus: Your son is rude. I said hello to him and he ignored me. Why are you raising your son in isolation?

Wife: My son is autistic, He doesn't interact with people he doesn't know.

Person: Well I am very offended that he won't talk to me just because I am black. You do him a disservice to not like people like that. It's offensive and not right.

Wife: He is autistic.

Person: It is offensive.

Wife (on the inside) Let me get this straight, you are offended by my son's autism?  OK I am so horribly confused at this point.  (On the outside)  Oh look Frodo, this is our stop;.

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