27 February 2016


I was well on my way to editing the brief history, part one, for publication on Kindle (and hopefully getting another five whole sales and thus being in a state where I would need both hands to tally my sales) when I stupidly decided to revisit my sources, as well as examine some new material.

I used to be a PhD student.  I am fully aware of the 'read another book' trap, and I did it anyway.  Idiot.

Dunning and Kruger were correct: certainty is a function of ignorance.  Knowledge destroys certainty and brings only doubt as we become more and more aware of how little we truly know.

My intention was to clean up my references, which, to be honest, were sloppy.  But now- now I am falling into the rewrite I never wanted/intended to do.

At any rate, I did say I would publish something soon, and I have a few things sitting in my files.   In particular is series of my father's stories of growing up and heading off to war woven with a few of my own.  It isn't finished, but could passably be a part one.

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