14 February 2016

Well, here goes zip.

I was in the process of revising my Brief History for my next self publication on Amazon. My first publication sold 5 copies and earned me about $1.50 in royalties.  I was hoping with this I could double my earnings, to $3.00.  Another 66 such publications and I would get my first $100.00 royalty cheque. 

However, as I have noted before, I have some misgivings about this.  So I wrote to a cousin through marriage whose knowledge in these matters far outstrips my own, and he sent me links to the code of Canon Law,  Title IV, canon 27, sections 2-3.  The short version:  it is recommended that the work be submitted to the Ordinary.

Great.  How do I go about that? I can't imagine the Archdiocese has time for this.

However, upon the recommendation of the Archdiocese's Facebook page, I have written to Cardinal Collins.  As the title says, here goes zip.

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